History of Little Rock Crate and Basket Co.

Little Rock Crate and Basket Co. has been in business since 1916, serving the changing needs of the produce industry over the years. Arkansas in earlier years was a heavyweight producer of stone fruits and berries, along with fresh market vegetables raised on truck farms...all of which used the baskets and crates produced by our company to protect the product on the trip to the market. As America’s interstate highway system improved and expanded, so did our sales territory. We became heavily involved in the manufacturing of a special basket for leafy greens, especially spinach.

The Round Bottom Basket as it was called is still used for root spinach, but not so much for the clipped varieties anymore.

Wood Baskets in Little Rock, AR

When the market changed in the spinach industry, we went back further in our history and began manufacturing Board Bottom Baskets again. Our history and years of experience in the basket industry provided improvements to an already good basket. The new Board Bottom Baskets, when presented to customers on the east coast, got rave reviews when compared to our competition. The innovations took several years, but the final results were worth the effort. We now supply some of the finest fishermen and crabbers on the east coast with Bushel Board Bottom Baskets. We improved on the product they were using and that, after all, is what doing business is all about. We take great pride in looking after our customers' needs by providing quality products and timely service.

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