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Apple Baskets
Our wooden Apple Baskets come in many different sizes. Just select the size and quantity below or call for quotes on wholesale apple baskets. Apple baskets on this page are sold in natural wood color. View wood baskets section to purchase apple baskets with color options.
Apple Baskets: Bushel CS Tub, Half Bushel CS Tub, Peck
Apple Baskets: Bushel CS Tub, Half Bushel CS Tub, Peck Apple Basket - Round Bottom Bushel Apple Baskets: 1/4 Squat, Big Squat Round Bottom, 1/2 Squat
Apple Basket: Full Squat Round Bottom
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Due to size and/or weight, some items require an additional fee for shipping. A surcharge of $3.00 will be added for this product.

Please call to place bulk orders on Produce Baskets.
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These apple baskets also have different color options. For more options and details for each size basket, view our selection of wood baskets.
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