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1/4 Peck Basket
The 1/4 Peck Basket is the smallest of the traditional baskets we manufacture. These baskets are perfect for smaller items such as nuts and smaller fruits/vegetables. They are also good for decorating and all kinds of craft uses.
1/4 peck basket with red and green trim
1/4 peck basket with red and green trim quarter peck basket - unfinished 1/4 peck basket with red trim
1/4 peck basket with a handle and green trim plain 1/4 peck basket with handle green christmas basket with red trim
holiday decorating basket example Peck Sizes (1/4 peck, 1/2 peck, peck) Peck Sizes (1/2 peck, Peck, 1/4 peck)
1/4 peck and 1/2 peck
Crate & Basket
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Our Price $3.50
Include Handle:

1/4 Peck Basket Dimensions: top diameter 7”, depth 5 ¼”
1/4 Peck Basket Options: with or without handles

1/4 Peck Basket Color Combinations:

  • Natural
  • Natural with Red and Green Bands
  • Natural with Red Bands
  • Natural with Green Bands
  • Natural with Brown Bands
  • Red with Green Bands
  • Green with Red Bands
  • Solid Red
  • Solid Green
  • Solid Brown
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